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Social Media and College Grads


With 21st century technology, motivated college graduates today have the tools to distinguish themselves from other graduates. Currently, 86% of employers check social networks and of that, 73% of college grads are hired based on social media presence alone. These social media platforms have become an informal ‘cover letter’; graduates aren't even realizing that they are sending information to future employers. The most popular employer-reviewed platforms include: Linked-In, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

Additionally, the lack of a social presence on media platform has also proven to have a negative impact on a college graduate’s future. This new hiring mechanism stresses the importance of creating the appropriate content within a social feed, ensuring the right message is being sent. One way to create and enhance current social media platforms is to post the full spectrum of your life’s activities and interests on an array of social sites; this shows employers that you are consistent with your presence, talents, and abilities. In this day and age of social recruitment, social media seems to be one of the major aspects in finding a job as a new college graduate.

If you are a college graduate or soon to be one, a great article to read is, "9 Ways Students Can Use Social Media to Boost Their Careers."

Do you have a tip for grads to improve their professional social media presence? Leave it in the comments.

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