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A Day Made of Glass...

In 2011 a YouTube video was choreographed by Corning; one of the world’s leading innovators in material science. It was designed as a company campaign, used as a way of persuasion, in order to fund the new designs for their products. This video is Corning’s vision for the future and social integration of technology.

Today, we are beginning to see the innovative visions of Corning, slowly emerging through the integration of digital wearables (Fitbit, Google Glass, and Apple Watch). Consumers across the globe have already begun to incorporate and accept this revolutionary technology into their daily habits. As the video envisions, I believe that we are on the edge of experiencing Corning’s virtual world; innovation will soon touch the multitude of surfaces in all of the aspects of our lives. How far do you think we are from experiencing Corning’s vision? Would you like to live in a world made of glass? I know that I wouldn't mind.

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