The Portland Women's Expo

Social Media Marketing Campaign

Portland Women's Expo Social Media Marketing Campaign in desktop and mobile layouts

The Portland Women's Expo Foundation, founded in 2012, is a non-profit organization which helps women gain the resources needed to successfully sustain themselves and their families. The organization uses their annual Portland Women's Expo event, the largest consumer trade show for women in the state of Oregon, as a tool raise donations to build a resource center for women in Portland, Oregon.  My role in the project was to provide social media strategy, digital media tools, event outreach, and a social media marketing campaign. 

Sara was exactly what our event team needed and at just right time. Not only was she tech savvy, she brought a wealth of enthusiasm, fresh perspective and modern creativity to the table. Sara has a special way of bringing both hers and others ideas to life and is a gem to work with. 

CC Barber, at Event Management The Portland Women's Expo

Designing a Strategy Appealing to Women 
The major problems I had to overcome in the design process were how to:
1.  Engage potential customers to buy tickets to the Portland Women's Expo event  
2. Explain the benefits of purchasing a ticket and attending the event
3. Work within a limited budget
Using The Portland Women's Expo Foundation's primary goal to raise event attendance, increase ticket sales, and save on overall costs, I created a social media marketing campaign. This campaign gave out of the box brand engagement opportunities such as the blog articles, contests, social media content, and promotional swag.   
The Portland Women's Expo Foundation campaign strategy and design were created to trigger an emotional connection to the lifestyles of women in Portland, Oregon. The campaign leveraged the brand's large amount of cultural awareness and strong brand loyalty with over 3,900 followers on its Facebook page alone. 
The Creative and Guiding Insight
Being a woman living in Portland with a tattoo story of her, I thought it would be fun to conduct a variety of primary research, using my personal social media resources. I interviewed friends and family, asking them to share with me their stories behind their tattoos. The excitement and emotional depth I received from each interview respondent was absolutely remarkable, so much so that I used their exact tattoo stories to create each campaign mockup. 
The creative behind the Tattoo Confessions of a Portland Woman campaign offers an open invitation from the brand to its attendees for a social engagement, as well as reflects the creative brief's guiding insight, "Portland women are unconventional, they flourish in their ability to transform pieces of their soul into beautiful tattooed art to share themselves with the world."   
The Portland Women's Expo social media campaign contest section on the website 
This is the first section on the website homepage. Here I used a variety of mockup images for potential contest entries and the reasons each woman choose her tattoo. The image also highlights features of the social media campaign, showcasing the contest instructions, benefits of participation and campaign prizes.
Above is an example of what the Portland Women's Expo's social media engagement would look like on Facebook. As part of the digital media strategy, all contest entries are first submitted to the website, then shared throughout social media using a web referral link for voting. This strategy encourages increased web traffic, spreads brand awareness through original content development and creates a space for women to share their stories. 
The Portland Women's Expo campaign entries section on the website 
Other campaign objectives were to produce and release one engaging and "new" post weekly -- an example includes Tattoo Confessions of Portland Women videos, written interviews with fans, and social media contents. Moreover, centering all social media posts around how fans can interact with the brand.  
The following is an example of campaign t-shirts that would be available to sell at the Portland Women's Expo event. Printed on the front side of the event t-shirts would include the first 200 campaign entries, this strategy encourages women attendees who participated in the social media contest leading up to the event to attend the event. 
Portland Women's Expo Campaign event t-shirts
This project was created during my Portland State University Center for Executive and Professional Education certificate courses after working with Portland Women's Expo Foundation.   
I am excited by the idea of this campaign and believe that it would couple extremely well with the Portland Women's Expo Foundation mission to encourage women to re-join their communities and continue to build a brand dedicated for women.