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Dr. Semler's HeartPerks site in desktop and mobile layouts

Dr. Semler's HertPerks, formerly known as Semler HeathPerks launched in 2014, providing information on the causes and prevention of cardiac disease and heart attacks to people across the globe. My role in the project was to provide digital media strategy, web and content development, and social media marketing management. 

Sara has brought new life and refreshing and enthusiastic creativity to our entire digital platform.  She has completely redesigned our website and has made it an easy to navigate and professionally layered destination for people seeking insight and guidance on how to avoid heart disease.  She manages our social media platforms with foresight and cogent information each and every week.  Sara is a joy to work with providing endless insight on fast-moving trends in the ever-changing digital space.

Jim Whittemore, Dr. Semler's HeartPerks

Designing a Website Appealing to User Emotion 
The major problems I had to overcome in the design process were how to:
1.  Engage a potential customer to want to download the Dr. Semler's HeartPerks app 
2. Cut through the noise and explain the benefits of using a heart health app 
3. Explain the complexities of cardiovascular disease to everyday users 
Often when deciding to visit a website we choose to do so because we understand how it benefits us or how it'd make us feel to receive that website's information.  Engaging a potential user in this way with the Dr. Semler's HeartPerks design wasn't easy, given that the company's primary goal was to increase the number of downloads for their app.   
Using this logic, the potential user wouldn't directly get satisfaction from the app alone, so how would they benefit from it and how could that be used to present the app in a way that would engage the potential user? 
The Dr. Semler's HeartPerks website is designed to appeal to a user's emotion and connection to their everyday lifestyle. In downloading the app onto their iOS or Android devices, we are connecting with them; we see their heart health struggles and need for preventative care and are with them every step of the way. 
Dr. Semler's HeartPerks app section on the homepage 
This is the first section on the homepage. Here I used a variety of screenshot images from the app inside iPhones with blue and white colors. The screenshot images highlight features of the app, showcasing its benefits and usage. The background image suggests health and fitness, as well as represents an environment in which humans are happy and healthy -- on a run for example.
The image also complements the layout of the page, with the shoe placement directly behind the app download buttons and screenshot images. Psychologically, we are more likely to look where other people/beings are looking, in this case, where they are heading, this movement draws the user towards the call to action buttons.
The choice of blue colors was chosen to represent trust, health, and prosperity.
The call to action button leads the user into moving forward, viewing the app page and potentially downloading it onto their digital devices.  
Below are a few quick facts and terms to know graphics that were created as part of the digital media strategy. All graphics were designed to live on the website and throughout all of Dr. Semler's HeartPerks digital platforms, the images and messages are meant to inspire users with everyday tips to living a heart-healthy lifestyle.  
Other content that was created for the website included. Dr. Semler's Heart Healthy Pillars. Each pillar of heart health, coined by Dr. Herb Semler, was carefully chosen to appeal to the user and remind them of the importance of heart care. The following are a list of the pillar graphics.
Each of the Heart Healthy Pillar content and graphics, as well as the Dr. Semler's HeartPerks logo, was designed by fellow Portland State University students.     
In addition, blog articles (written by Dr. Herb Semler) were created and launched to promote the Dr. Semler's HeartPerks brand. This digital strategy was implemented as the HeartBeat News page on the website and was developed to build to the user's trust and share the face behind the company. These articles were added to both the app and bi-monthly subscription-based newsletters.  
In addition, blog articles (written by Dr. Herb Semler) were created and launched to promote the Dr. Semler's HeartPerks brand. This digital strategy was implemented as the HeartBeat News page on the website and was developed to build to the user's trust and share the face behind the company. These articles were added to both the app and bi-monthly subscription-based newsletters.  
The HeartBeat News article graphic 
Beyond the website content and design process, I also created the front-end of the website, using Wix. The website is made responsive to work on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, and includes image carousels, and SEO functionality such as optimized keywords and search phrases. Other site features include the marketing automation platform MailChimp which was used to track, drive and implement each newsletter subscription, in addition to the implementation of affiliate marketing programs such as the Amazon Associates product links. 
My workflow was powered by Wix to provide automated tasks such as website hosting platform and image optimization and I used Google Analytics in collaboration with the back-end developer for website analytics and management. 
Social Media Marketing
Aside from the website development, I also launched a series of social media advertisements, using Dr. Semler's HeartPerks Facebook account. The ads were developed to spread awareness and promote downloads for the app. 
The Dr. Semler's HeartPerks, "We Are On To You" Facebook Ad Campaign 
My workflow was powered by HootSuite to provide automated tasks such as prescheduling general social media postings, and I used Facebook Ads Manager to create the advertising campaign to specifically target potential Dr. Semler HeartPerk's users.  
Print Marketing Materials  & Advertisements 
Semler HeartPerks's goal is to continuously find new ways to spread awareness for their cause and encourage premium app downloads. In order to drive more offline traffic to the app, I designed a two different front and back 4x6 postcard options. My creative direction behind both postcards was to find a clean and simple way to educate people on the features and functionality of the Dr. Semler's Heartperks app.
My workflow was powered Adobe Creative Suite, Illustrator, and Mac OS Keynote.  
* Postcard #1 was chosen for print and was mailed to over 1,000 men and women, ages 60+ living in the Palm Beach, Florida beginning of in June 2018.

Postcard #1

Postcard #2

In addition to the postcard, a print magazine advertisement was also created and published in the Multnomah Athletic Club (MAC) magazine in the July 2018 edition. 

MAC Print Ad

Working on the Dr. Semler's HeartPerks website development and digital strategy was an excellent opportunity to design for a service that doesn't directly sell a tangible product but instead engages with its users on an emotional level; using their mission to end heart disease to drive their interaction on its app and website. 
Using Google Analytics, I was able to verify that I helped the company increase web traffic by 80%, after performing a short series of A/B testing. Facebook ads were also successful with a $105 budget I was able to capture and engage an overall reach of 2,705 users.