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Diamond In The Rough Detailing

Responsive Website Design, SEO, Brand Strategy & Content Development, 

Diamond In The Rough Detailing site in desktop and mobile layouts

Diamond In The Rough (DNR) Auto Detailing & Cleaning is locally owned and operated in Redmond, Oregon and offer their customers 20 years of experience in the cleaning and detailing industry, servicing automobiles, boats, motorcycles, classics, and RV's. The company strives to produce a show-like, quality clean, and detail that makes their clients' vehicles look as good as new. My role in the project was to provide web and content development, SEO and an overall cohesive brand strategy. 

We were looking into several options for a new website design. When we started talking to Sara, we felt like she took the time to really see what we were trying to achieve with our website. We ended up with a website that showed what we were about as a company and very user-friendly to our customers. Within days of the new website, we were already getting emails from new customers.

Kristina Edwards, Diamond In The Rough Detailing, Owner + Founder

Designing a User-Friendly Website Layout
The major problems I had to overcome in the design process were how to:
1.  Engage an older demographic of online users with a simple, yet catchy design 
2. Compete with others in the industry and explain the unique benefits of DNR Detailing  
A variety of both primary and secondary research was conducted to determine the common auto detailing needs, search terms and keywords were also researched to reveal how online users find their solutions. The primary research included a social media survey and DNR employee phone interviews. The secondary research used SEO keyword & phrase search tools.  
Diamond In The Rough Detailing  Homepage
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Diamond In The Rough Detailing homepage 
The DNR website design was focused on the goal to appeal to a user's common problems and connect to their everyday lifestyle. Specifically, a series of taglines were created to address these common issues and were paired with DNR's service photos. The video above shows the series of service taglines that were created.
This is the first section on the homepage. Here I not only included the series of taglines and images but also displayed the new service motto created for the DNR, "Offering you the best auto-detailing solution for your rough ride". 
The choice of the colors purple and black were chosen to stay consistent with DNR's brand and logo design.
The call to action button placed on each service square invites the user to move forward to view the service details page and potentially book a service appointment directly from their digital devices.  
One major design feature that was requested was to incorporate a before and after page that showcased their service work, in addition to an easy to access photo gallery.
Below are screenshots of the photo gallery and before and after web pages that were created for user-friendly viewing of the service work DNR provides. All photographs included were provided by DNR and the messages I created which are embedded within the photo gallery are meant to invite users to learn more about the DNR service motto.

Photo Gallery and Copy

Other content and copy that was created for the website included service packages, the company mission statement, and an about page which also included an employee section.
Each employee was photographed and uploaded to the website with name, position title, and their detailing experience. 
Inside the Diamond In Rough Detailing Mobile Site
In addition, customer reviews (resourced from the business's Facebook and Yelp accounts) were also added to increase creditability for the Diamond In The Rough Detailing brand. As a way to continue to increase customer reviews and provide an easy way for users to submit a review, multiple buttons were placed on the site directing users to the DNR Yelp account.
Yelp + Facebook Reviews on the homepage
Beyond the website content and design process, I also created the front-end of the website, using Wix. The website is made responsive to work on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, and includes image carousels, and SEO functionality such as optimized keywords and search phrases. 
My workflow was powered by Wix to provide automated tasks such as website hosting platform and image optimization and I used SEO tools in collaboration with the site, Answer The Public for website keywords and search phrases. 
Working on the Diamond In The Rough Detailing website content and design was a great opportunity, I very much enjoyed creating a user-friendly site to showcase this local, business's amazing services. This project allowed me to learn not only about a different sector of the service industry but also how to curate content using SEO research tools.
This website was launched in March 2018 and within the first few days, DNR increased their booking appointments by 25%! 
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