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About Sara

I view life through a creative lens -- chasing my dreams of photography, marketing, and digital media

Sara Kirkpatrick Portland Oregon Digital Marketer
Sara Kirkpatrick Banff, Alberta, Canada
Sara Kirkpatrick Rome, Italy
 I am  Sara Kirkpatrick.
 I am like a movie; 
full of life, and always ready to tell a story. 
I am passionate, driven, and sociable.
Some people say I'm 
a leader, self-motivated, and expressive. 
I love marketing and advertising
because they not only shed insight on humanity
 but also offer a voice for the imagination. 
I exist  to learn and  inspire,
I chase my dreams, 
and surround myself with people from all walks of life.
I smile at the unknown,
and accept the challenges of the impossible.
What have I done to prove who I am?
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