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Voodoo Doughnuts Portland State University Project
Potland Women's Expo social media plan
Semler HeartPerks Digital Marketing
Portland State University FIR NW Project
Mercy Corps Portland State University Digital Strategy Project
Lucid Dog Training Portland State University Project

Sara has brought new life and refreshing and enthusiastic creativity to our entire digital platform.  She has completely redesigned our website and has made it an easy to navigate and professionally layered destination for people seeking insight and guidance on how to avoid heart disease.  She manages our social media platforms with foresight and cogent information each and every week.  Sara is a joy to work with providing endless insight on fast-moving trends in the ever-changing digital space.

Jim Whittemore, Dr. Semler's HeartPerks


Sara was exactly what our event team needed and at just right time. Not only was she tech savvy, she brought a wealth of enthusiasm, fresh perspective and modern creativity to the table. Sara has a special way of bringing both hers and others ideas to life and is a gem to work with. 

CC Barber, Portland Women's Expo

We were looking into several options for a new website design. When we started talking to Sara, we felt like she took the time to really see what we were trying to achieve with our website. We ended up with a website that showed what we were about as a company and very user-friendly to our customers. Within days of the new website, we were already getting emails from new customers.

Kristina Edwards, Diamond In The Rough Auto Detailing

Sara was such a pleasure to work with. She was a great concepting partner that helped inspired our team with ideas. She always had the best ideas for how to reach our audience. She was awesome at working as a team and always able and willing to step up and lead the team as well. She is so creative, smart and fun to work with. And all around amazing human being. I'm glad we were able to work with each other. 

Patricia Parsons, FIR Northwest

Sara Kirkpatrick Portland, Oregon Digital Marketer

I enjoy helping brands express thier missions in a creative and compelling ways, using digital marketing. My goal is to inspire with my passion for strategy and knack for viewing life through a creative lens. 

I am certified in digital media strategy, social media marketing, analytics & content development. 

When I'm not strategizing, I love blogging about m y cat Mambo, DIY crafts, and photographing the world around me --and am constantly being inspired by my incredible little Frenchie, Diesel. . 


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